Personally Identifiable Information Collected

College Board provides programs and services to individuals as well as to institutions. The information we may collect varies and depends on who we are serving and in which programs and services they are participating.

The types and categories of personal data collected are further specified in Program-Specific Privacy Policies, Supplemental Resources, and our agreements with educational institutions, which may include contact information; demographic information; information to verify an individual’s identity; information for test administration such as their disability; device information; information about students’ interests, educational experience, and plans for after they graduate high school; educational institutional affiliation; or information about professionals’ role(s) at an educational institution.

Information collected from individuals.
College Board collects personally identifiable information that you provide to us and about your use of our programs and services.

Individuals do not need to create an online account to view and use most of our website. If you are a student, you may create a “student” account, and if you are an educator, representative of an educational institution, or exam administrator (exam coordinator or proctor), you may create a “professional” account. 

  • Student Accounts: Students need a College Board account to register for tests directly with us, view and send scores, personalize their web experience, or use certain tools on our site, such as the college and career tools on the BigFuture pages of our site. Student account creation requires acceptance of Legal Terms for Students. Student accounts are personal to and belong to the student who creates the account and serve as the student’s gateway to various College Board programs and services.
  • Professional Accounts: Education professionals need a College Board account to perform certain tasks or save personalized information. Professional account creation requires acceptance of the Legal Terms for Educators and Institutions. Professional accounts are created by professionals acting solely in their capacity as authorized representatives of their respective institutions and are not for their personal use.

For any programs and services requiring payment for which a credit card is used, credit card information will be collected and processed by a third-party payment processor. A tokenization approach is used through which no credit card information is stored in our systems.

Information collected from other sources.
College Board collects personally identifiable information from schools, districts, state departments of education, colleges, universities, and other third parties. When College Board has an agreement with a school, district, state department of education, or higher education institution to provide assessments, financial aid services, and/or other educational services, it only collects students’ and educators’ information as necessary to provide those services. 

We may receive information about you from other sources, such as third parties that have authority to share the information. We may also collect information automatically such as through cookies as further described here.