Communications and Marketing

College Board uses your personally identifiable information to contact you about our programs and services. Based on your choices, we may send you two types of emails and texts: transactional communications and optional marketing communications. See SMS (Texting) Program-Specific information for more details.

  • Transactional emails and texts relate directly to your participation in a College Board program or service or an action you took on our site.
  • Optional marketing emails and texts inform individuals about College Board programs, services, newsletters, alerts, events, and surveys. When you create a College Board account, you’re given the option to receive marketing communications from us. Users can opt in to get these emails or texts and can change their communication preferences at any time. To unsubscribe from commercial emails:
    • Click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any College Board email
    • Reply STOP to a text message
    • Manage your email subscriptions through your College Board account
    • Contact us at

      Write to:
      College Board
      250 Vesey Street
      New York, NY 10281
      Attention: User Account Manager