Test Security

We may use methods and technology to capture and analyze images, video, or audio to ensure test security, either directly or through our authorized third parties. We may collect images or recordings to identify specific individuals for fraud prevention or test security. This information may be collected, stored, reviewed, and used for (1) identifying and/or investigating possible test security incidents; (2) collecting evidence in connection with possible test security incidents; and (3) enhancing test security. We will not use or disclose this information except as described above, as requested by law enforcement, as permitted in the student’s applicable Program-Specific Terms and Conditions/Testing Rules, and/or as reasonably necessary to protect the rights and property of College Board or third parties.

We may share the results of test security investigations with third parties, including with the student’s school, any score recipient, college, higher education institution or agency, scholarship organization, potential score recipient, government agency in the United States or abroad, parents, legal guardians, or law enforcement. College Board may also share such information with third parties that have a legitimate reason for knowing the information or who may be able to assist College Board in its investigation or who may be conducting their own investigation. College Board may respond to inquiries from any institution to which a student submitted a score. If a student publicizes any review, investigation, or decision of College Board, College Board may make any and all details of such matter public.

If your score has been held or canceled in connection with a test security investigation, you may have opportunities to provide information for College Board to consider, as provided in the applicable Program-Specific Terms and Conditions.