Student Accounts

When students create an online account, we ask for the following personally identifiable information: legal name (first, middle, last), preferred first name (optional—if a student asks us to, we’ll use this name in messaging and communications with the student), gender, date of birth, high school, high school graduation date, email address, mailing address, and mobile phone number (optional).

A student should not share their preferred first name with us if they do not want their parent/guardian, or their school, district, or state department of education, or colleges or universities to see it. If you opt in to Student Search, organizations eligible to receive your information will also receive your preferred first name.

Students can also give us a parent or guardian’s first and last name and email address to include parent or guardian information in Student Search Service™ (if the student has opted in as well), opt in to CC a Parent email service, or receive College Board emails about our programs. See Engaging Parents/Guardians.

Students who are 18 years or older in the United States will be presented with the opportunity to register to vote when they create or login to their account. Students also can choose to receive optional emails and/or text messages from College Board.

Students may manage and update their personal information and privacy settings in their profile at

See Legal Terms for Students.