College Board's SAT Suite of Assessments provided to educational institutions includes educational services to help students navigate postsecondary and career pathways and to help K-12 educators and counselors serve their students' needs, including BigFuture School and Connections™. Students may access the BigFuture School mobile app and participate in Connections if their school, district, or state department of education has an agreement with College Board to administer certain College Board assessments at their school. For further details, including the data collected from schools and students during these assessments and how that data is used to provide these educational services, see Big Future School, Connections, and satsuite.collegeboard.org/k12-educators/educator-experience/get-to-know-digital/student-data-privacy. Except as otherwise permitted by FERPA and other applicable laws, College Board does not use the data, including any personally identifiable information, collected through its performance of these educational services for its own purposes.