AP Registration and AP and Pre-AP Classroom

Students register for their AP classes in My AP, where College Board may collect certain information about the student, including their legal name, preferred first name, date of birth, gender, email address, mailing address, school year, high school name, grade level, student ID, race/ethnicity (optional), parent education level, and best language, as well as their AP subject and class section. Our AP and Pre-AP in-classroom platform gives AP and Pre-AP students and teachers resources to use in the classroom. In contrast to most other College Board products, assessments, and services available to students through their online College Board accounts, students access AP Registration, AP Classroom, and Pre-AP Classroom as students in a class. AP Classroom collects data on student use of instructional resources, including video viewing, assessment submissions, and assessment scores and results. College Board conducts internal analytics such as of course-taking behavior. AP Classroom enrollment information and data on student use of resources (e.g., video viewing activity, assessment submissions [including free-form responses], and results) are shared with the student, their teacher, and school and district administrators.

Students taking AP Art and Design, AP Capstone™, AP CSP, AP AAS, and/or AP with WE Service will submit student work for scoring on the AP Digital Portfolio platform, through which their AP Registration information will also be shared with the education professionals of their school and/or district.

To learn more, go to AP Central and see AP Services Terms and Conditions.